Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Stone Age relics, Art and Tools From My Yard's like life is giving me these Ancient's stone works. everywhere i look i easily find them. Absolutely quite for real, i tripped over these clearing some weeds from under my front porch....then i started venturing further. these relics come from a square block radius pin pointed at my front porch in Fountain Square Zanesville. my landlord says i can have all the rocks i want. i showed them to him, he paid little mind.


Moon Man Effigy Sculpture Rock Art

my favorite from this cache of relics. it appears to be a moon man effigy stone to me. i am sure the ancients paid homage to it, just as they would the sun and stars. i would be guessing saying it was Paleoindian art, there's a slim possibility that it could be much older however.

— Stone age prehistoric moon effigy, found Mike Raver. downtown Zanesville.

here he is awake and happy

here he is, asleep


Ancient Native American Owl effigy stone with Human faces

a huge relic resembling an owl at one glance, human faces at the other. in this piece one eye is much bigger than the other one and it's beak has a certain squareness that i have seen in other prehistoric rock art. it is very primitive looking and crude,a  ceremonial piece with hand grips on bottom, thousands of years old.
—stone age prehistoric owl animal/human idol effigy in Zanesville.

the front straight on not showing details but over all shape.

there is primitive art here showing a straight line mouth, chin, eyes and nose of human features

this angle shows it to have shape of an owl effigy. this is the side that has the larger eye socket shown as a pitted area

bottom side underneath showing chisel marks and finger grips where it would have been carried ceremoniously in a march or dance directly in front of the person at comfortable plain to chest or also looks like a smiling face with squinty eyes too

side with the smaller eye. mouth line is at bottom of pic

small eye side showing mouth better

face looking to the left.over the shoulder view.  you see an ear here next to the eye-above the grin

face is centered. showing eyes and nostrils and the mouth parts of the hidden human face

here we see it all

straight on view of hidden human face in the Owl Effigy relic.

showing a different face,same stone, on the base,sitting bottom side here,different from above. this is a squinty eyed smile. peace pipe time?

looks more human like from this side

looks more owl birdie like from here

showing back and bottom shape

rotate this image, you will see a 3rd human face
here it is! 3 faces on one owl sculpture, AWESOME! hahaha

showing back and side upside down. there may be art on it this way too

back and side upside down

a different look at the hidden human face showing the finer face details

i went outside here. snapped pic of the small eyed side

heres the owl head of it...note the squareness in place. it shows that it was primitively made, very very old over 10,000 years.

now, why did these ancient people cross humans with birds so much for in their art? i've heard stories about it but i am not satisfied with the burial rite theory. their dead were not buried at first but were laid out on a pyre and left to rot for nature...the birds would swoop down, eat the flesh then later defecate it rite back to nature. this sent the people back to the planet.....but i think the bird effigy human icon stones can represent freedom and vision and wonders of flight as well

Magic banded stone pestle with rock art features

this is a pestle tool i found in my yard. it has art all over it. it is a pretty colored shiny banded stone that makes it an artistic choice of stone. it has a face and also has incised marks all over it.

i can see a 90* angle a human face looking up, and a little bird carved here

the 90* angle and animal also kind of look like a pattern of a skull face from the side....i may be seeing a horse in the lower right corner carved here as well..

this side shows eyebrows and a face

more marks and scratches. i cannot read them well

showing an animal (horse?)and a bird above it carved here

top of pestle resembles an owls face

knob of pestle

it's a very shiny type of stone. it has creamy bands of color. the user of this tool must have seen magical qualities to it.

showing banding of the stone

Small human head effigy stone work resembles old world European rock art

here is a very ancient relic stone of a human face from side view

closer look

Possible turtle head relic. is best defined as a Pac-Man shaped stone

aw bad light!! it is a pac man style mouth. probably of a turtle head in stone art

it still shows the eye socket and open mouth. could be a turtle or other creature

showing light of the shape of the mouth

top of its head

Pestle/hammer/effigy has red-ocher incised marks outlining head and wings of a bird

hey wow...i see streaks of red color on this stone. it looks like a pestle or hammer but doesnt show signs of use. it stands up freely and resembles a pregnant woman shape or birdie but the red markings outline wings,neck,face and tail feather parts. i am not sure. it is human worked stone however

white dot could be an eye spot. it is the only one that bright on the entire stone

i am wondering if the red lines are painted on. they do not seem to be part of the stone at all. i dug it up from 5 inches of soil in my yard

bottom of it has a pitted spot....for better grip?sign of use??

here it is freely standing with my hand blocking light from behind

opposite side looking like breasts with a belly or a short bird relief. lots of my relics are incomplete because they were made in pieces. there would be other stones chopped up for a head,arms legs ect here, but i did not find them

Possible "Cosmic Egg" relic! be a good student. look up the term for stone age,prehistoric and modern to learn more.

ah yes, these egg shaped stones are special. they are called cosmic eggs and are ritualistic stones. it is a variant of worldly creation beliefs. at one point our universe was a giant cosmic egg...then it hatched...the serpent mound has a serpent eating an egg...another tier of this systematic belief. I don't know the exact details so filll up my comments with your knowledge if you know

cosmic egg

cosmic egg

cosmic egg

lots of pits, dots, and angular scratches pointing the same way in groups....i think its a map of the heavens tapped out on this shaman rock......

the larger pits are in clusters of 3 if you look close at them

A Super cool Ancient Native American's Smoking pipe

AWWW YEAYAHHHHHH!!!! THIS IS AN ANCIENT SMOKING BOWL!! A BIG BAD ASS ONE!! I CANT WAIT TO TRY IT HAHAHAH...drugs are badd mmmkay SAY NO. . . and please do not tell me this is a fire starter. it has inhale and carburetor ports on the side!

turned this way the bowl looks like a turtle head

turned this way it looks like a winking human head

look into the eye. see a ying-yang there?

showing the bowl. it is very deep. looks like it was shallower at first then was dug out a little more later

here is the side where you put your lips to the holes and have a puff...note that they are mineralized by natural concretion and shut for good. it would damage this priceless relic to re-bore the hole...i was joking about smoking with it.

close up. has 2 holes. one big,one little. one for toking, one for a carburetor i reckon.. the one with the little slash mark pointing to the bowl is the one you smoke. the bigger one is for your thumb. move it on and off the smolder the smoke embers inside to get a bigger puff. don't ask me how i know this hehehe

has residue left inside in between the chunky rocks in the

bottom side has finger grips.

Beautiful flipped out, two headed sculpture found in Ohio. Mike Raver. paleo rock art

now here is something interesting. very ancient culture art here. it is a bi-face. has two main faces. one side is ape or neanderthal like the other is more human like....and other experts say that one has a lower jaw and the other does not...i am not sure about either theory but i do know these rocks when i see them. for more search letter “n" shaped or "two-headed" sculptures, first identified by Jacques Boucher de Perthes in 1860. (link and line used from here.) Archaeology of Portable Rock Art: September 2011

face here looking left

opposite face looking right

both together.left face, right face. also looks like a single sleeping face here tipped like the person is asleep on their back. this is just the flat side of the piece, the reverse will show more. and as i flip this badboy over and over again, more faces are revealed...i think its a stone age family photo lol

now you see the face details better from the chiseled side

close up

there is really a lot of art involved seems to morph in front of my eyes...same view a little fyrther away shows a different face,turned up with a big nose sticking its tongue out

look to the left edge to see eyebrow,nose,fat top lip,thin mouth line..not much chin....this is side view of our primitive ancestor-ancestors visage

same view

there mite be a few way smaller faces in the rock here. i see eyes and mouths everywhere

a tiny face above my thumb

here looks like more faces next to my thumb

from this flipped angle i think i see a pointy in great cats and a mane. could be a lion or other beast

here are some faces and shapes artistically placed

more faces

possible stone art here

looks like a turkey buzzard head...this is still the same bi-face stone

another gnarly face looking to the right. this thing has lots of art!

close up of gnarly face

skull face here. this ends the flipped out bi-face piece.

Nice Pre-hafted style of hammering stone

primitive hammering tool with thumb grip. this was made before handles/hafted hammers were invented

awesome high quality One of a kind blade/scraper/point in black stone with shell fossil grip

this is a one of a kind tool. it is a point or blade very ancient with a shell fossil for a grip hold. oh wow

Curious rock art in quartz of a face and possible animal icon

there is a face carved in this quartz piece here with other art scribed in

Small pecking stone with hole grip

this is a tool of some kind. maybe a finishing hammer for making blades or sharpening stone

Archaic uni-faced Limestone knife

this is a slick limestone unifaced blade for skinning. only one side of it has been worked, the other side is flat. primitive technology form atleast 9,000 years ago

it has rust stains at the tip.

Nice collection of old world points from my yard site!

array of other points and blades from my yard dig site. now you can see the technology that created this rock art. can anyone help identify ?

a core stone from making these relics. this piece has the most important data on the strikes used to make them. if you identify the strikes then you can identify the culture tech that made them

tip of the biggest point

a strange looking blade .... or broken rock. it does appear to have a finger grip on the bottom and a tool edge

some round crafted stones of these peoples.

here are more egg shaped rocks. they have been made by man. for what reason, i don't know.

the one on top looks like it has a face scribed into it

Flake blades of this site

here are some old flake blades from under my porch. they all show signs of use and have evidence of workmanship in their creation.

these rhomboid tools here are very ancient meat scrapers. there is a tiny knife blade here too

Gray flint fish sculpture

curious flint sculpture of a fish. is very tiny

more points and blades

here are more points and scrapers and blades

flat unifaced scraper blades. from 4 sided to  6 sided geometrics here

meat scrapers still are fairly sharp

note the curving of where this was flaked off. it shows a lot on how it was struck and made

Ancient skull/face pebbles

These are very cool. Some are Indian Native American,some are much older than that.. Experts never agree on these kinds of stones. Could be...could not be....What I know is that i have hundreds of them and they are not made by nature. The basic themes of the faces can be seen in Rock Art from around the entire planet. Browse the net and click the links I have posted on my "points of interest page." to see more and get info.
 its a tiny skull effigy face pebble of Muskingum county. its a half inch big, atleast i hope it is a relic...The pointy head is relevant here. Stories of the Ohio Valley peoples go pretty far back to times of the Archaic. There were Giants here, red and black bearded whites,The Adena people and a classification called the Archaic. Here i will post a link so you can read more. In these pebbles there is likeness to what the Archaic people looked like....pointy heads.....
click link to read up on the different Ohio ancients

these rocks all look like they have faces on them.

weird little skull stone

all of these have the holes drilled completely through. Some could be Plummets. Some could be Pendants here. They are all thumbnail sized or smaller.

this could be another turtle head in stone art. bottom jaw hangs out past the top though....

i'd say this was a weasel or groundhog type of critter

more ancient skull stones  

this one looks sad. whats up with the pointy head?

i have so many face pebbles.

this one has a pointed nose. could be a bird. looks human though.

more face stones. this one has half a face

this face is distended and screaming

a mean looking face on square head

this stone has what looks like random faces but is hard to tell

big eyed face

big nosed face

frowny face

big eye pointy nose looking to the right. possible bird stone head

some pretty stones in tool form

here are some of the more pretty flints and granite tools. points and scrapers

the p;oint in the bottom middle....the black and white swirled one.....i have found the same exact make and color of it on 4 different spots around zanesville