Monday, September 10, 2012

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prehistoric metate table with healing stones and pottery dish for face paint

Here i will post links of friends and colleagues who are into the same rock habits, sites i visit for info, and other places that i end up posting too for your reference and mine. I did not use any images from them with out permission, these are my own here. Hopefully my effort is helpful so that i become a traffic source for these sites, hopefully they notice meeeeeee. i consider us a team even though i do not know them. i just ask PLEASE,!, add my link to YOUR pages in a similar fashion as to Return The Favor. Thanks much, Happy searching!!    Archaeology of Portable Rock Art
(archaic figure battling cro-magnon giant figure during "great American prehistoric migration".)
stone age fish effigy
ohio bird stone effigy

early 1800's-early 1900's American bottle art by Mike RAVER...yes. I am descendant of Paul Revere...for real.  Old Route 66 Zoo
fossilized bone chunk with gnaw marks or tool marks.,r:7,s:0,i:99
possibility of it being an American Lion effigy piece of Paleo art

amethyst arrow head
marking stones, tiny artifacts
very strange looking head
ice age tools!__sdm-stone-birds/page-2
shaman face rock upper paleoIndian
big heavy stone age hammers,mashers and thumpers

paleo rock art of faces and animals in ohio