Friday, September 21, 2012

Adena Shaman healing stone spell??

Here is a curious little fish looking stone that when flipped takes on appearances of two human faces. it looks like Adena Indian art with a weeping eye. It also  has the ancient art feature of a big eye with a little eye that i show in the video. I imagine this stone was made by a Shaman to heal a person stricken with a mucus/vomit problem or to heal one with mouth and nose bleeding. hopefully the images and video are clear enough.

looks very much like a fish

closer look shows other lines etched into the fish...time to flip it around to see if it morphs into some other figure, as paleo/Native American art form often does.

 here is the face from the video in whole, little weeping eye (famous since Adena art) with larger eye (since Paleo art), a big nose and mouth going across whole bottom, tongue out. is uncanny how the mouth line of the fish becomes a weeping eye when this relic is turned as does the fin into nose.
showing mouth and tongue better.

the first face, smaller with a frown

the smaller eye is weeping. a very tiny detail difficult to film with my equipment.

appears to be snot coming out of nose hole

and if it is mucus from the nose then...maybe it is not a tongue hanging out, maybe it is vomit or drool....

tongue/vomit takes on a defined shape here like a reversed letter "P", Claviform art here?