Monday, August 6, 2012

Black flint animal effigy stones

Here I have several pieces of Stone Age Zanesville Ohio Flint works. Most are animal effigy stones, similar in variety to Relics Found at Buckeye Lake at another dig site. I have no idea how old they are but they are super cool and worthy of discussion. Click this link to see the Buckeye Lake Reliccs straight from the source! I Saved the image from The Archaeology of Portable Rock Art Blog site to show example, not to infringe.
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This is a black flint fish effigy stone. Its fin has a tool edge, so it was a handy scraper tool as well.

This is the reversed side of the fish.

Top is what i believe to be a snapping turtle head. directly below is a much smaller stone of same material with the same kind of mouth. To its left is another turtle head looking stone. Bottom is a small flint turtle effigy stone. Its tail end is left, head and front foot is right.

Close up of the small turtle effigy stone.

Close up of the small turtle head effigy showing mouth and face details.

Close up of the larger turtle head showing full face detail.

Two bird effigy stones, a drill, an awl. The bird effigy are in center, the drill is on top, the awl is on bottom. the awl seems to be the oldest of all pieces shown. note that the flying bird effigy on the left even has feather details on its wing. the opposite effigy has an eye spot.

The awl close up.

The flying bird has feathery details on its wing.

These appear to be predatory animal effigy stones but I am unsure. Left looks like a lion or tiger head, Right looks like a bear, Bottom looks like another feline.

Self standing animal effigy with pointed snout, nubs for legs and short body. Maybe a Hog of some kind. There are also face details but is hard to view in jpg form.

Opposite side of suspected Hog effigy stone.

I cannot determine what animal this one is but you can see the basic form of  a self standing animal stone relic.

I think it is a lizard after viewing other pics online of lizard effigy stones. Its head looks left. It also has a front leg seen here. It may not be. I am not an expert at identifying. It resembles a turtle too.

I really think this is a skull effigy piece of Coshocton Black Flint. It is large and self standing. At first i thought it was just a core until i cleaned it up and looked closer.

Two other larger artifacts with the skull effigy. Left looks to be a human figure with a head and body... it also looks like an owl piece found in Missouri at this link. Right has possibility of being anything,it kind of has features of Paleo art human head sculpture, further examination is required. It is self standing as you see.
here is a peek at the owl sculpture from Missouri so you can see side by side. Credit goes to Stacy Dodd for this pic.
note the head shape and shape of wing and tail feathers in this owl. then look at mine below. very similar indeed.

Close up of suspected human or owl figure.

This looks like a bird to me. Tail feathers point  to the right. those tail feathers could be a nose and mouth too of a human or creature, so hard to tell with this stone age stuff.

Here is our friend owl in black flint. is different from the previous owls. whole other stone here lol. The full face details are visible, even the pupils. What a great find.

The owl is self standing.

This stone age critter has 4 nubs for legs, a round head, high back,and fossils for spots. I am not certain what kind of animal it is.

Its reverse.

The spotted critter held showing face details and its leg nubs.

This animal effigy has a smile.

Another self standing animal effigy. It could be a frog.

From this side itr looks like a bird too......

This is a frog effigy. the next pics will show it better.

The head of the frog rock.

This is the under belly of the frog rock showing legs.

Frog rock from above.

Ah yep, it's a frog.

Smaller animal effigy showing eye spot and head.

This is a stone age cardinal or blue jay.

Cardinal Jay looking at you.

Side of cardinal jay.

The front side of Cardinal Jay.

This is a slick shiny black flint scraper tool in likeness of a bear.