Sunday, July 8, 2012

More wonderful flint works from Zanesville

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Nice Human to Animal effigy Shaman magic head stone with scraper/ knife tool edge. Made in Jasper flint, found on Muskingum River, mile down stream of Y-bridge, Zanesville, Ohio. Looks to be similar to some of the Hopewell pieces I have found, absolutely looks like Flint Ridge stone material. close exam shows micro-art of ears,eyes,and i see other faces too. I am thinking it to be shaman related, showing transformation from man to animal because one side shows likeness of a fox, the other shows likeness of human. Is up for debate as to what is real here, I will not dictate or argue.

Seen here in left eye is micro-art of a feline face looking forward with a mellow smile. note that an eye is pecked into the stone on the right side only. this is what leads me to think this is a piece showing shaman spirit transformation. As well the nose hole is pecked out on this side only as is a triangular ear and cheek bone.The other side is totally different. this is an incredible find.

This seems to be similar Flint Ridge material and is an animal face in whole. one ear up one ear down adds character. the eyes are pecked and drilled. the holes for them unite inside. you can see a darker spot here on the nose. closer look at it reveals eye spots and facial features within it. this piece shows more weathering than the last so i assume its older. i found all items on this page in the same 300 yard stretch of riverbank.

Around Putnam Landing in Zanesville i found a much larger piece with same features made of  granite but i am still studying it before i post up here. it is a 10 pound stone roughly cantaloupe sized.

This is a round quartzite stone with tribal paint on it. i see a mask or face on top and a bird below it.

this is a carved piece of softer stone like sandstone. there is a deer carved here or some other herbivore with things going on in the background. it is weathered heavily, could be geofact but is interesting enough to take note.

here is a stone with eyes pecked out, a mouth, brow and temple also visible. it is flat on the backside. makes me wonder its significance, but it surely is native Ohioan stone art showing large fore head and ruggedness of this face. could relate to an old man, a warrior, ogre creature or giant.

This is made of ancient pottery. i am thinking its a face but i am not sure if it is human,idol,or animal. there is strange shaping to the mouth, maybe that will clue an expert in here to tell me ; ) i also see a mark for an ear here too.

Another face effigy pecked out of  quartzite. it looks kind of like a frog to me. especially the eyes and shape of  its head.

this is some Flint Ridge Jasper with turquoise. i found it in Zanesville with these others. it is flat on bottom and stands up right. it full blown looks like a snow capped mountain to me. it does not show signs of it being a tool and does not look like it was a broken rock either.very interesting....maybe its maker came from higher elevation somewhere.

birdstone made of  lighter grade of gray flint, possibly of soapstone too.

showing the bottom of birdstone that sits flat.

At first look it appears to be a humble arrowhead scraper....close exam shows more. Curvatured flaking and out line siding of human head effigy on both sides show this to be a complicated little piece of flint history.

Looking right you can see eyes,nose and frowning lip with cheek bone,jowl and temple details...Also note that the head is pointed with sloping brow. this piece could be older than 4,000 years back to the time when native peoples would add shape to their skulls by tying rope and wood very tightly around their heads during early childhood and development.

the reverse side has a different face looking surprised or yelling with an open mouth. it could have been a practice run or just for fun. note that the head is normal looking here and round.

Super cool fire starter stone showing where heat has discolored the rock during its use. it has a secondary spot on it that could have been an eye or something....or its from weathering....

Here are some fossilized bone fragments i found digging on this site. one piece has tool marks on it. Yay! i'm so excited about that.

Showing the tool marks on this small fossil bone fragment. there is possibility it's not tool marks...could be rodent gnaw marks. i am not studied enough to tell for sure so i leave both options open. using a flame i verify that it is fossilized bone.......

Array of these stones. makes nice wall paper.

Gnarly old human effigy stone from Zanesville Ohio.

Dark gray flint in likeness of head effigy and bird effigy. it appears to been used as an awl or puncture tool. the pointy tip is discolored reddish brown like it was heat treated.

Shiny Coshocton Black Flint i found on Muskingum river with these others. before i brought it home and cleaned it up I thought it was a plain Jane pic shows better.

Holy cow! nice knap work here showing details of human face...looks kind of like a crescent moon too....

Here is a little animal sculpture of brown shiny flint with a nice thumb grip so i assume it was a grinding stone or nut cracker too.

this is another bird effigy stone with some main details left but beak is worn off

I am thinking this is a bear effigy stone. striking similarity to the piece of pottery from a few pix ago as far as shape and size, face details  of eyes are similar too

Has face details and a series of 5 dots pecked into stones surface. i am not sure what to call it.

this is a scarly looking skull effigy of dark gray flint. i took many pix of it. it speaks loudest of all these.

here is a very small piece of stone art. it could be jewelry or for purposes of sewing or making cordage. it appears to have face details. its the size of a penny.

one of the smallest effigy pieces that i have. it is some kind of animal but i cannot tell. 

large scraper knife i found with these other pieces. i am thinking its from then end of the ice age because of its size and material.

blade shows where it was resharpened a few times. the owner had this tool a very long time......further look shows the most recent resharpening to be relatively recent compared to to the other knap work on this tool. maybe it was used in a couple different periods in time over hundreds of lost and, what a concept huh?

i am judging thisd to be around 6,000 or more years old. i found it with the others here but it shows the most signs of age and weathering. it is a head effigy piece with an amazing feature. it has a shell fossil exactly where the brain would be. the fossil was carefully uncovered by its maker to show great skill. it exhibits brain awareness...could be a mapping technique used to teach about the brain for surgery or dining pleasure or burial rituals or to show where to mortally wound someone or it was just a cool decoration around the camp....could be shaman magic for healing as well. i am not so versed to say exactly but all are possible.
 has shell fossil exactly where the brain would be!

i really need a better camera haha but i'm sure you get the point. ITS NOT JUST BIG BEAUTIFUL PROJECTILE POINTS OUT THERE! all kinds of ancient history in many forms lay right beneath your feet. keep vigilant. HAPPY HUNTING!!!!!