Wednesday, May 2, 2012


 A Shaman face in white flint with ancient pottery samples in the backdrop found Zanesville OH. only this year have i learned that all of the brown shiny chunks and the duller brown,sandy molded pieces were ancient pottery. i will be revisiting my old digs to find more.
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A stone age owl effigy in Coshocton Black flint found in Zanesville OH. this dig site is huge and i've yet to finish the photos. included are effigy stones like this, pottery pieces,knives, points and blunt tools teeth, beads, and claws. the ages are from what i assume to be Archaic to modern historic appears that it used to be a village site on good realistate to primitives and was populated throughout the time lines. it also seems that it was carelessly bulldozed to the riverbank and dumped like garbage. relics here come out by the bucket load.
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A heavy blue primitive stone tool of unknown use, seems one side was used to sharpen or round or grind sandstone items and the other looks like it was flaked off in shape of a scraper or drill. the scar left of the flaking is ground smoothly, the bottom of this piece is ground flat and the entire item is heavily polished with slight evidence(i could be mistaken) or hammering as well. There are lots of interesting relics here and i describe them best as i can.
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I also like digging up bottles and things, here i have a nice selection of such items, i've also included things i find dirt cheap at yard sales and flea markets too. things here are for sale, if interested pop a message to me.
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