Saturday, April 28, 2012

Possible effigy stones

could be Skull effigies or very ancient point/projectile tools. found with all others here in Zanesville.
it looks like an animal effigy but the notch in center and crescent shaped tool edge make it handy for wood working as well. i am on the fence deciding what this is.

an array of some of my suspected head and animal effigy pieces.
this one looks similar to head effigy pieces found in Buckeye Lake and Licking County

smaller stone that resembles a head piece in stone. it looks up, has a nose and chin, an ear and a faint cut line where the mouth should be. it is the size of my thumb. found in Zanesville

closer look at suspected head effigy
this stone tool scraper looks human this way,looks fish turned sideways

it also has properties of feline looking effigy stones i have seen.
here shows lips,eyes,nose,cheekbone/face bone structure of a human

extreme close-up of fish/human effigy,human face shown.
a different,possible human effigy stone piece
has big nose on this side
smaller nose on reverse with definite human features

i am almost 100% certain that this is an ancient human effigy rock art piece, just not sure how old or who made it. it was dug at same locale as the others shown.

plain strange, seeing faces both right and left as well as an awl tool/scraping tool
the reverse of it shows a monster bird face looking to the left of screen. could just be a broken rock BUT I LIKE IT! HAHA.
possible edge of its tool
close up of its frowning face looking to the right
round chunk of fossil stone showing possibility of  it being a human-worked stone. facial features and diagonal incised lines. face looking left here is humanish.
the reverse of it looks like a mask or a critter looking to the right

open mouth,eye,nose,cheekbone,brow.

this one is harder to see but has facial features,neck line,eye. is of sandstone
the reverse of it. here the face is carved looking to the left in center of stone. also it has face features looking to the right. part of it is broken off.
a better look
the whole thing

possible feline effigy stone. has ear,eye, mouth beard or fang looking to the right
close up of the reversed side showing same features
showing the line carved supporting bottom of ear.
close up of feline face
feline effigy stone

this stone looks human on the right and animal on the left

reversed, looks human left and animal on the right. the left side has open mouth shown next pic. it could be a stone of many faces or just a stone. up for debate.

open mouth...could be fish....human...unknown...
this side of it looks feline or bear
this is a stone tool with resemblance to human face.

could be a skull effigy stone

skull effigy stone was used as a scraper, too

a different skull shaped stone with thumb grip. has two faces looking both ways.

this one is broken,resembles "horned man"

"horned man" possibility showing eyes,nose,mouth in proper places.
possible effigy. animal shape

looks very much like a horse to me

horse showing neck and bottom of muzzle. the back side is flat but not ground smooth
close up of possible horsey

nose hole, mouth and eye of horse