Friday, September 21, 2012

Adena Shaman healing stone spell??

Here is a curious little fish looking stone that when flipped takes on appearances of two human faces. it looks like Adena Indian art with a weeping eye. It also  has the ancient art feature of a big eye with a little eye that i show in the video. I imagine this stone was made by a Shaman to heal a person stricken with a mucus/vomit problem or to heal one with mouth and nose bleeding. hopefully the images and video are clear enough.

looks very much like a fish

closer look shows other lines etched into the fish...time to flip it around to see if it morphs into some other figure, as paleo/Native American art form often does.

 here is the face from the video in whole, little weeping eye (famous since Adena art) with larger eye (since Paleo art), a big nose and mouth going across whole bottom, tongue out. is uncanny how the mouth line of the fish becomes a weeping eye when this relic is turned as does the fin into nose.
showing mouth and tongue better.

the first face, smaller with a frown

the smaller eye is weeping. a very tiny detail difficult to film with my equipment.

appears to be snot coming out of nose hole

and if it is mucus from the nose then...maybe it is not a tongue hanging out, maybe it is vomit or drool....

tongue/vomit takes on a defined shape here like a reversed letter "P", Claviform art here?

Native American Rock Art Bear/Fish/Human/Feline effigy combo flint

Here you see a paleo brown flint fish effigy

pregnant lady
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 all are different sides of the same stone effigy

Video of this beautiful effigy art stone covering what me and my kiddos have found.
here it is flipped the other way. it appears to be looking up from where it lays

pointed up it looks like a standing bear

the fish's mouth is open

showing under belly from fin to tail. you see the shaping is correct for it to be a fish.its head is closest to the palm of my hand. inverted this shows itself to being a figure of a pregnant lady

showing top fin shape

showing back of tail,flint work

there are eyes here just above the open mouth

see eyes, certain light the head of the fish is squared, like a hammer head just not to the exact proportions.

the back side is mostly flat but also has facial details

has series of details here for the head and gill. also the lines are whiskers for the lion

on the side towards my fingers....see chisel marks and details of human face

this is the other side....details of another face here!

looking a second time i note a large ear, now this resembles a feline instead of a human


bear face and head